AMA #12 (2021-11-08)

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Updates from today’s AMA

  1. We will launch the NFT plataform until next week. That could happen at any time from now. The NFT plataform is ready to be launched and we are just solving some small interact issue with the nfts. Just a quick reminder that our NFTs are utilities one and not only a piece of art to see. The plataform is 95% ready!
  2. We will release a new video showing the progress from our poker platform! We are looking forward to show to everyone the improvement that we made.
  3. Pokerfi will be in the metaverse World! Yes, That’s true! Players and holders will have an opportunity to build his own poker house at metaverse. So you’ll be able to play and earn rewards in metaverse! We’ll keep everyone informed about this amazing and new step that Pokerfi is ready to give and follow this metaverse trend that is hyped everyone.
  4. We will make a big marketing effort at the same time as we launch the NFT platform.
  5. We are delighted to announce that we will anticipate market launch.
  6. We are working hard to offer pokerfi credit card to our holders and we're ahead of schedule and we'll give you more details shortly.

Transcription from the Portuguese audio.

AMA 12 – 11/08/2021 8 P.M. Brasília Time

Updates (00:00:00 – 00:11:45)

(00:00 - 02:30)

Good evening everyone, this AMA is going to be an AMA of updates that I will be passing on to you, but soon after I will be releasing some people to ask questions.

First update: People who have not received it last week (because there was an error in the BSC Scan rate) by Thursday or Friday will be receiving it. We just need to check all the wallets to make all these transfers. You may be checking the wallet that receives the tokens that are distributed on the bscscan website. Those who check their wallet after this distribution and the tokens have not yet arrived in their wallet, may be contacting the administrators that we will analyze in my case.

Last week we didn't have any income because there were a few days that we left accumulating, and soon there were withdrawals of fees. The tokens accumulated these days were very few and we will be making the distribution along with the dividends from the NFT platforms, as it would not pay to distribute a few PokerFi and pay a lot of fees to make this transfer of tokens.

(02:30 – 03:25)

Second update: Soon we will be announcing the date of the NFT platform, we are just doing the latest tests of the platform in relation to the poker platform, as there will be NFTs with uses in the poker tournaments issue, so we are finalizing that part. This week or next we'll be telling the date, we'll make an announcement and post a video about it, doing all the marketing on top of it, let's not just conclude without doing this disclosure process, we're also doing NFTs for our ambassador Rafael Reis and from other people we've already made a deal with, some celebrities in the general world, not just poker. We're doing their NFT, all custom.

(03:25 – 04:00)

Third update and the most important and biggest news of the day, month, year: PokerFi Metaverse! I'm going to give a very cursory explanation but in the coming weeks we'll explain more about how it's going to work.

(04:00 – 06:47)

All NFTs within the metaverse will have 5 levels. In these 5 levels, you will have their own poker house, so each person will be able to set up their own poker house inside the metaverse.

You can start with your small poker house and grow to build a casino. And as this growth you can increase your number of games, for example whoever has a small poker house can play 5 games (tournaments) and according to your growth, increase this number of games to 30 as your land in the world digital is growing.

What is the advantage of this? The Holders are going to be winning on this.

Every person who has their poker house, being a poker team like an ordinary person for example, will have their poker house in NFT format.

So you can buy a land from PokerFi, you can evolve this land, increasing it, and then if you want, you can sell your land at any price as it has no starting price due to the fact that nothing will be bought, it will only be bought at the beginning of the game (we will explain how it works in the future) and all evolutions will be better over time compared to NFTs, with this the price can reach any value that we cannot measure. With all of this you can be creating your own universe and getting people to play in your poker house in the world of the metaverse.

What is the advantage of this?

Within the poker ecosystem, all tournaments and cash games generate rake and the poker house owner will earn on that rake, 50% of the profit rake revenue (total rake minus rakeback) goes to the house owner and the other party goes to pokerfi. The rakeback is basically a value in relation to the generated rake that returns to the player, in the case of pokerfi it goes up to 70%. Not everyone will get 70% rake back, the levels are explained in our White Paper, which starts at 15% and goes up to 70%. Whatever is accumulated, you earn on top of it. When you build your poker house, you're going to win over it, you're going to be winning over NFT, because you're going to improve your NFTs more and more. So that's what we're preparing, there's still a lot of work to be done, it won't be finished tomorrow, but it won't take long for all of this to be done. This is the Metaverse at Pokerfi.

(06:47 – 07:12)

What else is there in this Metaverse?

In this metaverse you will have your poker house, you will have your dealer (who delivers cards at the poker table), you will have your land, you will have your deck and other things. In these NFTs that we are doing, there will be 5 levels of NFT.

Everyone starts at NFT BRONZE, which is NFT level 1. The last level will be the top one, for those with casinos and all.

(07:12 – 08:34)

Those NFTs that are selling people, that there will be a limited amount, we're going to put the price on the platform. As an example, when we launch our ambassador Rafael Reis' NFT, he will be like a dealer on the poker platform, so Rafael Reis will be the person who will deal at the poker table, but it will be limited, with that there will be an evolution in the price and value of the NFT. This dealer, which in this case is gold level (NFT by Rafael Reis), will be able to work at up to 250 tables. So with this NFT you can make tournaments that support up to 250 tables, and to have an average, in a tournament of 1000 people, it usually takes 111 tables. So if you have a “gold” dealer, you can create two tournaments with two thousand people and still have more tables to make more tournaments. So you're going to have several dealers, and each dealer ranking increases as much as it's working for you. The ranking goes from gold to platinum, then diamond and so on. So there is all this evolution that each person acquiring the NFTs will be able to participate.

(08:34 – 09:22)

So the NFTs that we will be releasing from Rafael Reis now, and anyone else we will be releasing (which we will disclose in the future), all of them that we will be releasing will be dealers, so you will already buy dealers two levels above anyone else that starts. So when you buy this dealer, you will be ahead in the matter of tournaments and everything you can be building.

And then, how are people going to get Rafael Reis Dealer and gold ranking?

Starting from the beginning, doing tournaments, leveling, earning money, winning NFTs where to upgrade and so will be the way to get to a Rafael Reis dealer level gold.

From now on, all NFTs will be like this and just like Rafael Reis, all other people will follow this way, they will be available in a limited way and therefore, to achieve this, only conquering the game with time. This is just an example.

(09:22 – 11:00)

In this way, you can evolve your poker house, such as putting more trees on your land, different lights and every time you add these items (NFTs in the multiverse), your land will increase in value and with that you will upgrade your your casino and it will be more flashy.

for those who don't play poker, and just like to play a game because you can be earning money, improving your house, with that you can sell to someone else and that's also good for poker agents, because they will create their own poker house , bringing players to his poker house, and they're going to win on it, the players are going to win on it, and every tournament also when they're played also becomes an NFT, both the house owners and the players. So in addition to players winning the tournaments (entering the normal prize pool), they will still win NFT where you can upgrade the house, and sell later. All of this has an NFT gain in the pokerfi metaverse.

In the next few weeks we will be promoting it, today it is just an announcement, we will be explaining the whole system, how it will be done and how it will all work, how we will be winning on it, how the game will start, but this is a game that it's going to have many, many years of growth.

(11:00 – 11:45)

Last update is that within the NFTs platform we are going to start with stronger marketing, as already explained, we are just waiting for this moment to start and we have already hired a company that will be doing this marketing and soon you will be seeing results about it. In the coming weeks you will see more posts, disclosures as we are finalizing the part of the NFT platform. And finally, all the NFTs you'll be buying, all of them that we're going to sell will be dealers, will serve the metaverse, whoever buys will come out ahead in some points, as well as those who bought pokerfi before hitting the hard cap and pre-sales.