What is PokerFi?

What is PokerFi?

Check the official website for updated information in the link below.

PokerFi aims to revolutionize online and live poker transactions. It is a token linked to the BEP20 (Binance Smart Chain) network. The smart contract has an innovative system of passive income proportional to the number of tokens that the portfolio has, paid in BUSD. You buy PokerFi and store them in your wallet.

Previously there were a total of 6% fees, but these were removed for the health of the project and for listing on more exchanges. 3% was distributed to the income portfolio, 2% to the liquidity portfolio and 1% to the project portfolio. We are currently at 0% fees and the proceeds will come from 5% of the poker platform rake profit, 10% of the NFTs sales and 10% of the market place sales profit.

For more information about PokerFi, please check the Whitepaper and Roadmap.


Work in progress! (More detailed information may be avaliable soon!)